Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is Tokyo the New Summer?

Japan seems to be the new craze country this Summer, last year being Europe.
Yeah, we ended up going to Japan on May.

As for our family, we jumped on the bandwagon accidentally (we planned this several years before, okay). We flew our butts off to Tokyo, a really beautiful and lively city. My eyes were gleaming with all my future purchases, my siblings were looking forward to Disneyland and Disney Sea, while my mom's just, "pls dont spend k...pls...". Not to mention, she fractured her bones a month before the trip and was still recovering. Boo, hoo!

With my handy-dandy Canon IXUS (point and shoot) camera, it was a lot easier to snap photos everywhere. I've had many unfortunate incidents with totally-not-my DSLR this year, so I was hesitant tagging it along. In the end, I'm sure I would have suffered from the weight if I decided otherwise. I guess downside is they're low quality and pixelized and it's 90% auto... good bye shutter and aperture!

On another note, my Photoshop is being dumb and my photos are saved brighter and more desaturated than the original photos. I'm still trying to look for a solution, but right now, please bear with it!

Ready for 23462734623x photos?!

No, I swear, we're in Tokyo. Not New York.

Funny (not really) story here, because I ran all the way to the middle just for the last crackle, and this is the one. Really sad.


Muji is seriously the only place we really shopped in. I mean, if you're going to shop at a super duper expensive country, might as well buy something that you can find cheaper than your country, right? So yeah, we blew our cash here and spent around 22,000 yen for everything, including souvenirs. After that, it's just window shopping.

Cheers to the cheap Japan life!

This is BIQLO, which is a collaboration with Bic Camera and UNIQLO. There are 6 floors, 2 are for all the UNIQLO clothes, and the remaining were for Bic Camera. Bic Camera sells almost everything from appliances, games, toys, cameras.

The most awaited place of them all, Kiddyland, in Harajuku! It has 6 stories, plus a basement. Each floor has their own series (ex.: hello kitty, peanuts, rilakkuma). Majority of the items here are toys, but they also have additional cute items that belong to a specific character, which can get really exciting, especially if you're a big fan.

All these beauties, ahh!

I just have to photograph every flower I find in Animal Crossing.

Japanese foodie-goodies!

Good bye, Japan!
Thank you for the many wonderful memories with such a unique and beautiful culture.


  1. Omg dude, you really went to a ton of places. I love the photographs and that gif mannnnn. Plus your humourous report and captions hahahaha. Dang I had fun reading this keep it up ;). Plus I see a couple with matching hats aaa

    1. Thank you so much, John! There are just too many places to visit in Tokyo, and even the 5 days were not enough for me. I know right! Everyone in Disneyland has matching everything. Too cute!

  2. Love your pictures !! ♥

  3. Love this post and your pictures!!