Sunday, October 12, 2014

To the Mountains

I know it's been a quite some time since I've updated this blog, but we can only blame school, right?
(Yes, always.)

In the middle of all the stressful workload, I managed to find some time to escape from reality and travel to the mountains (a.k.a. Tagaytay) for 3 days. Sadly, the weather did not cooperate with my schedule and rained 80% of the time, and I refuse to risk the chance of getting my camera wet. So, here are the not very sunny photos I took when it was not raining (which isn't a lot)!

I have to be honest. It wasn't the best decision I've made, since I ended up cramming all my requirements last minute, but the trip was so worth it.


Aside from taking scenery shots, I also found time to film and put together a short video, which was mainly for school, but also was also a really fun experience.