Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living in Art Launch

It's been a really, really, really, really x999 long time, since I've been on this platform, and we can only blame the 3rd year life. Lots of things has happened in between my absence, which includes piling up deadlines and the usual ugh-school-TTD, but something even bigger has happened. That is the birth of Living in Art.

So uh, yeah? What's the big deal? Well, Living in Art is a newly launched business created through a partnership with Bea (If you need a recap on who she is, she's the super talented typography artist!). We've got tons of products up, including phone cases, notebooks, totebags, stickers, and more to come. All these designed by yours(us) truly.

Here's a little peak of our photoshoot for Living in Art with our gorgeous models, Andrea Lim and Mara Lee.

We're also having a Christmas sale until December 21, 2014! Time to buy your gifts for family and friends for a discount.

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See you soon!